Sacred Heart Diet 2016

Sacred Heart Diet

When you feel like you need to lose weight you are ready to try just about anything. One of the popular choices is Sacred Heart diet.

What is Sacred Heart Diet?

Being overweight is not just dangerous to your health, it makes you stressed every time you look in the mirror or plan to go to the beach. Dieting is one of the best ways to fight excess weight. Finding the right diet for yourself is not easy. Many people prefer quick results of the Sacred Heart Diet.

The diet lasts 7 days and is based on one hearty vegetable soup. There are many recipes out there but they are mostly similar. This vegetable soup is the base of this diet and can be eaten as often as the person wishes. The soup quantities are unlimited. Accordingly, any time the person feels hungry he or she can have some of the vegetable soup. Then there is a 7-day meal plan. Each day you can add some food to the vegetable soup. It can be fruits, vegetables, dairy, rice, beef and fruit or vegetable juice. No matter which products are allowed to consumed on a certain day, the vegetable soup stays in the diet. It is important to follow the exact instructions for each day. It is not recommended to add other products or skip the products which are recommended for a certain day of the 7-day plan. There is also a list of allowed drinks during the diet.

People who have tried Sacred Heart diet claim that they have lost 9 – 20 pounds depending on the initial weight. However, some say that most of the lost weight comes back right after the diet was over.  There is a theory that this diet helps you lose water which is quick to return when you get back to normal eating. At the same time, there are many fans of this diet who claim that it really is a quick fix for those who want to lose weight.


History of Sacred Heart Diet

Many people who opt for the Sacred Heart Diet do it because they have wrong information about its origin. Some sources misleadingly note that this diet comes from a diet plan that was used for the treatment of overweight patients at the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital in Montreal, Canada. This is where the diet gets its name. People believe this diet to be effective because it seems to be supported by the doctors.

However, many different hospitals including Sacred Heart Memorial issued statements in which they advise that doctors and their diet plans have absolutely nothing to do with Sacred Heart diet. American Heart Association claimed that this diet is nothing more than a delusion. Sacred Heart Medical Center also advised that it has no relation to this diet.

That being said, over 20 000 people have used this diet and many of them stay this diet’s fans. While being a diet with a limited amount of products, it’s not a starvation diet. That’s why it attracts many people with excess weight who are used to filling their free time with snacks.

Is it Related to Sacred Heart Memorial’s Cardiology Unit?

There is no proof that Sacred Heart Diet is related to Sacred Heart Memorial’s Cardiology Unit. While most of the diet fans think that the diet was created by medical professionals, it’s considered to be a myth. 


Sacred Heart Diet Soup Recipe

The base of the Sacred Heart Diet is the vegetable soup. There are several recipe variations but most of them are very similar. Here is the original recipe.

The list of ingredients:

  1. 1-2 cans of stewed tomatoes
  2. 2-3 large green onions
  3. 12 ounces of water
  4. 1 celery bunch
  5. 2 cans of beans (green)
  6. 2 pounds of carrots
  7. 2 – 3 large green peppers

There are some variations that can include half a head of cabbage, beef or chicken broth instead of water and some spices such as oregano, curry and/or black pepper.


  1. Cut all the vegetables into small or medium pieces
  2. Put them into a saucepan
  3. Cover the vegetables with water (or broth)
  4. Boil for about 10 minutes
  5. Reduce to a simmer and wait until the vegetables get as soft as you prefer.
  6. Season with spices, such as salt, pepper, curry or oregano.

The vegetable soup will do a much better job assisting you with your weight loss if you follow the original instructions. The variations are allowed but not always recommended. One of the ways this diet works is by reducing the amount of food you eat since you get tired of eating the same soup all the time. By making it tastier, you are reducing the effect which will lead to you losing less weight than desired.


The 7-Day Meal Plan

The second major component of the Sacred Heart Diet is a meal plan. Only by following this meal plan religiously, you can hope to get the maximum results. It is imperative not to switch days. You can eat as much vegetable soup as you wish on any of the 7 days.

Day 1: You can eat any fruits with the exception of bananas. Try to opt for the least calorie fruits such as watermelons. Grapes and pears have a lot of sugar in them and are not recommended.

Day 2: Eat all the vegetables you like. They can be fresh, canned or cooked. You can eat them until you feel really full. Leafy greens are preferable while beans are corn are not recommended. Eat one baked potato with butter for dinner.

Day 3: You can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, except for the ones that are too high in calories. No potatoes allowed. Don’t forget about the soup.

Day 4: You can finally eat bananas and skim milk. However, only three bananas are allowed while the skim milk is unlimited. This is the day you get maximum carbohydrates and potassium.

Day 5: You can eat tomatoes and beef. However, the consumption is limited to 20 ounces of beef and a can or 6 tomatoes.

Day 6: Beef again! And vegetables. You get a chance to consume up to 3 steaks a day but only if you eat leafy vegetables and no potatoes.

Day 7: On the final day you get brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice, and vegetables. You can eat all of these products until you feel full.

Adding different products each day doesn’t mean you can forget about the soup. You must eat it at least once a day.

You can also have some allowed drinks on the diet.

  • Herbal tea
  • Juices (unsweetened)
  • Coffee (no sugar)
  • Skim milk
  • Water

However, it is recommended to drink mostly water. A lot of water is an imperative component of any diet. So if you don’t feel very hungry, you can drink a glass of water and delay another food intake.


Does Sacred Heart Diet Work?

People who have tried Sacred Heart Diet claim that it really works. And it does work. Usually, you can lose from 9 to 12 pounds in one week. The diet claims that the numbers are higher and you can lose up to 20 pounds but most people can’t manage such results.

People who have tried the diet reported other benefits such as better skin, whiter teeth, and increased energy levels. All these results are most likely caused by doing away with junk food, sweets, coffee, alcohol and other unhealthy food.

The abundance of fruits and vegetables can give a good boost to the immune system. The absence of heavy foods such as pasta and bread can be the cause of increased energy levels.

The diet works for people who are ready to follow it religiously.  It makes you leave behind unhealthy eating habit and reduces the quantity of the food you consume. While it’s not a starvation diet, it still makes people stop eating as much as they used to. Since eating the same products each day becomes unpleasant and you don’t think of food as something that can make you feel better.

With the help of this diet, you can dramatically reduce the size of your meals. This leads to shrinking of your stomach, which in turn makes you need less food to feel full. This diet gives a good jump start for people who want to cleanse their organism and continue leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to understand that the results of this diet are short-term. If you don’t continue watching what you eat and exercising, the weight will come back much faster than you think. This diet shouldn’t be repeated too often or it can have unpleasant side effects. It should be considered a cleansing tool that is a good starting point for a new and healthy life.


Benefits of Sacred Heart Diet

There are many different benefits to Sacred Heart diet. Here are some of them:

  1. You are avoiding unhealthy food and drinks. The diet forces you to abandon your unhealthy eating habits and forget about hamburgers, beer, and coca cola.
  2. This diet is very easy to follow. Meaning it doesn’t require some special ingredients or supplements. Only simple products are used. They can be found in the nearest supermarkets. You can be sure that you are consuming natural and healthy food.
  3. You are eating the daily doses of fruits and vegetables at least for one week. Many of us forget how important it is to eat fruits and veggies. There is a certain amount that should be eaten daily. We rarely follow the rules in everyday life. This diet forces us to consume the daily ration.
  4. It’s a great diet for people looking for a quick fix. There used to be a theory that Sacred Heart diet was used in Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital to prep the overweight patients for surgery. It really is a quick fix for those who need to lose weight fast. For example, it can be a good idea for girls who need to get into their favorite small dress for a special occasion.
  5. There are no starvation techniques used in this diet. This means that people don’t go around feeling hungry and stressed.
  6. This diet can form a good habit of eating fruits and veggies. While 7 days might not be enough for some people to form a solid habit, others will realize the benefits of healthy eating and will stay on the right track.
  7. This diet can help fight risks of heart disease and diabetes by excluding unhealthy food and inducing weight loss.

Disadvantages & Risks of Sacred Heart Diet

There are also some disadvantages and risks that must be considered before starting the Sacred Heart Diet.

  • There is a limited number of products used for this diet which means the body will lack other vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy functioning. This can cause digestive problems and mood swings.
  • This diet is not suitable for everyone. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as people with heart problems, need to consult the doctor before trying this diet. Otherwise, it can have unexpected and unpleasant side effects for a weakened organism.
  • The diet doesn’t have long term effects. Most people who tried it report gaining all the weight right back in a matter of days. It is believed that what this diet does is take the water out of your body. As soon as it’s over, the water comes back and so does the weight.
  • It is not healthy to lose more than 2 -3 pounds a week. When your body loses weight rapidly (and this is what happens during Sacred Heart diet), it is a really big stress for most of your organs, especially the heart. Huge rapid weight loss results in such unpleasant consequences as losing muscle tissue and the appearance of stretch marks. Rapid weight loss also means that you are not burning any fat.
  • There is no evidence that vegetable soup burns calories. Yes, it’s very healthy and has many nutrients but no studies were done to prove that it actually fights calories.
  • This diet is very strict. The main side-effects of strict diets are gorging on good after they are over. The stricter the diet, the more risks of a gorge fest there are. Overeating after a strict diet can result in unfortunate digestive tract problems.
  • The Sacred Heart diet is not endorsed by any medical institutions and doctors don’t recommend it. There is no information regarding the origins of this diet. Whoever came up with it didn’t have any connections to Sacred Heart Memorial hospital. There was no research done to show that this diet is safe. That’s why going on such a diet is each person’s sole responsibility. All the information available about this diet comes from personal experiences.
  • Even if the food is very healthy, eating too much of it is not good for your digestive system. This diet allows you to eat as much as you want at any time of the day. This is far from being a way to form a healthy eating habit.
  • The diet doesn’t say anything about the benefits of exercising. Just simple change in food habits won’t lead to good and long-term weight loss. All the solid diets recommend exercising.


Is the Sacred Heart Diet Recommended?

As we said above there are no official recommendations for this diet. There is no information about its origins and no official list of risks and side-effects. All we know about this diet comes from personal experiences that people share on the Internet. There are no guarantees that you can get the results this diet is promising.

No doctors or medical institutions endorse this diet. So going on Sacred Heart diet can be only at your own risk.

People who have used this diet mostly recommend it is a good alternative to other quick fix diets since there is no lack of food in it. There is no need to starve yourself and the results are obvious.


Ridiculous Weight Loss Claims – Fact or Myth?

Most people who have tried Sacred Heart diet and followed all the instructions carefully did lose weight. The amount of the weight lost depended on the starting weight. The more overweight the person was in the beginning, the more weight he or she lost.

However, most of these people also reported gaining all the weight back right after the diet was over. In order to maintain the results, a lot more than just this diet must be done. Healthy eating habits must be formed and exercising routine must be worked out. Otherwise, all the weight loss claims are absolutely useless. What you will do is make your body suffer a lot of stress both physical and emotional, get some health problems along with stretchmarks but won’t get any long-term results. So in order to make the diet useful, you will need to do a lot of extra work.

Sacred Heart Diet can be a good way out for people who want to get a quick weight loss fix. However, it is a hard and strict diet which doesn’t offer any long-term results and can cause some unpleasant side effects.